Bachelor of Science in Humanitarian Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Humanitarian Leadership

The Humanitarian Leadership major prepares you for leadership and service in both humanitarian crisis and relief organizations, as well as a variety of non-profit settings.
Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for disaster response, creating and serving in nonprofit organizations, and ministering to youth, children, and refugees in crisis. Graduates with this degree will also be trained in conflict resolution and negotiation.
This program also includes experience in an international or stateside practicum, integrating a biblical and theological understanding of compassion to those struggling in humanitarian crisis and relief situations.
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General Education and Christian Studies Core – 49 Credit Hours

  • Old Testament History and Literature – BIBL 126 (3 credits)
  • New Testament History and Literature – BIBL 127 (3)
  • Reading and Interpreting Scripture – BIBL 220 (3)
  • God and the Gospel – THEO 210 (3)
  • God and Religion – WTHE 220 (3) or God and Humanity – WTHE 230 (3)
  • Select any BIBL, THEO, or WTHE elective (3)
  • Rhetoric and Research – ENG 124 (3)
  • Select any ENG elective – ENG *** (3)
  • General Psychology – PSYC 125 (3)
  • Introduction to Sociology – PSYC 126 (3)
  • Select any PSYC elective – PSCY ***

*Select 1 Math course and 1 Science course:

  • Applied Math and Personal Finance – MATH 110 (3)
  • Liberal Arts Math – MATH 115 (3)
  • College Algebra I – MATH 125 (3)
  • Statistics – MATH 260 (3)
  • Biology – SCI 114 (4)
  • Science, Technology, and Society – SCI 280 (3)
  • Select any MATH or SCI elective – MATH *** / SCI ***
  • History of Global Christianity – HIST 212 (3)
  • World History – HIST 240 (3)
  • Select any HIST elective – HIST ***
  • Global Perspectives – ICS 111 (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology – ICS 112 (3)
  • Select any ICS elective – ICS ***
  • Visions of the Good: Ethics and Worldview – CT 213 (3)
  • Select any CT elective – CT ***
  • Music Appreciation – FA 112 (3)
  • Film Appreciation – FA 131 (3)
  • Select any FA elective – FA ***
  • Public Speaking – COMM 220 (2)

Humanitarian Leadership Core – 45 Credit Hours

  • Cross Cultural Communication – ICS 252 (3)
  • Holistic Development – ICS 261 (3)
  • Theology of Compassion – HULE 210 (3)
  • Non Profit Administration – BUS 281 (3)
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation – PMIN 330 (3)
  • Leading Compassion Projects – HULE 310 (3)
  • Health Management in Global Settings – HULE 320 (3)
  • Public Policy and Advocacy – HULE 410 (3)

  • Domestic Disaster Services – HULE 420 (3)
  • International Disaster Services – HULE 421 (3)
  • Applied Sustainability – HULE 430 (3)
  • Crisis Counseling – PSYC 370 (3)
  • Children and Youth in Crisis – ICS 385 (3)
  • Seminar: Working with Refugees and Migrant Populations – SWK 477 (3)
  • Internship – PMIN 491 (3)

General Electives – 26 Credit Hours

*Select from any courses offered.


Note: Degree requirements subject to change.


  • $500 per credit hour
  • Technology and Program Fee: $400 per semester
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The degree is offered online with some face-to-face opportunities for learning, networking, and hands-on experience. All of Jakes Divinity School students will have face-to-face residency opportunities twice a year. The first is during the International Leadership Summit each spring of a given degree program. Students will arrive on site of the summit the Sunday evening prior and remain for a week until the end of the summit. The second residency will likely take place in Dallas, TX, at Jakes Divinity School in the fall of each year.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently accepting students from all 50 states in all programs powered by North Central University

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Bachelor of Arts in Humanitarian Leadership FAQs

The Bachelor of Science in Humanitarian Leadership at Jakes Divinity School is powered by North Central University. The Humanitarian Leadership major prepares you for leadership and service in both humanitarian crisis and relief organizations, as well as a variety of non-profit settings.

Graduates Become:

  • Non-profit organization workers
  • Foreign aid workers
  • Program directors
  • Youth ministry workers
  • Crisis relief organization workers

The admissions application fee is currently waived.

Applicants will need a high school diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.2.  If the applicant has a low or no GPA, then an essay is required.

  • $500 per credit hour
  • Technology and Program Fee: $400 per semester

This degree is offered in an online hybrid format with opportunities for face-to-face residencies twice a year and live video conferencing.

Each of our semesters are 16 weeks total with 8-week sessions.
Students are also encouraged to participate in two residencies per year – the International Leadership Summit and the JDS Symposium.

The program is 124 credits which should take approximately 4 years.

JDS/NCU will consider credit hours from other accredited institutions for transfer. Official transcripts must be sent and evaluated for credit transfers.

Yes. Please refer to the financial registration deadline and academic registration dates made available through your JDS Enrollment and Student Services Coordinator.

Yes. You have the option of applying for federal loans, grants and/or scholarships.

Complete a FAFSA application and use School Code: 002369 North Central University.
North Central University (NCU)
910 Elliot Ave Minneapolis, MN 55404
School Code: 002369

Click here to complete a Spanish FAFSA application.

Yes. However, there is no federal financial aid available or institutional scholarships for international students. Contact your Enrollment and Student Services Coordinator for details on the admissions process for international students.

  • Official high school and college transcripts
    • All official transcripts should be submitted as follows:
      • Physical transcripts can be sent to the address below and must be in a sealed envelope from the school remitting the transcript to be accepted:
        North Central University
        Attn: NCU Admissions 
        910 Elliot Ave.
        Minneapolis, MN 55404
      • Electronic transcripts can be sent to: (must be sent from a third-party Safe Sender, such as eScrip or Parchment to be accepted).
    • Complete admissions interview (This will be scheduled with you by an Enrollment and Student Services Coordinator once you have completed the other steps.)
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Write a detailed statement of purpose that describes how your chosen degree program aligns with your vocational aspirations and is related to your Christian faith.
    • Statement must be a minimum of 250 words, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.
    • Please email your completed statement of purpose (in Word document or pdf format) to with the subject “JDS Statement of Purpose – (Your first and last name here)”.

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