George Floyd said it for all of us, ‘I can’t breathe!’

June 02, 2020
By: Dr. Antipas L. Harris & Norman A. Harris

“I can’t breathe” was the ceaseless, tenuous cry of a dying black man suffocating from the pressure on his neck by a racist murderer acting in the authority of law enforcement! George Floyd is yet another casualty in the homogeneous history of barbaric racism against blacks in the United States of America.  COVID-19 has been called a pandemic in America for only a few months. Racism, however, is a longstanding pandemic on this soil dating back to 1619. This country has yet to reckon with its malicious, racist history. The problem is so deeply interwoven in society’s fabric until the broader culture has been anesthetized to the pain. It privileges some people at the expense of holding others back.

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