Master of Arts in Theology

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PLEASE NOTE: We are not eligible to accept students from the states of New York, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, South Carolina, Alabama, Virgin Islands, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Maryland in degrees powered by Vanguard University 

The Master of Arts in Theology program degree is offered online with some face-to-face opportunities for learning, networking, and hands-on experience. All of Jakes Divinity School students will have face-to-face residency opportunities twice a year. The first is during the International Leadership Summit each spring of a given degree program. Students will arrive on site of the summit the Sunday evening prior and remain for a week until the end of the summit. The second residency will likely take place in Dallas, TX, at Jakes Divinity School in the fall of each year.

The Master of Arts degree in Theology provides leaders with the opportunity to study with premier Pentecostal scholars.  The professors, experienced and passionate, are also accessible, relevant, and dedicated to personalizing everything they do.  A collaborative learning environment promotes critical thinking skills, shared participation, and the cultivation of long-standing networks in a faith community.

Course work in Biblical theology and Scriptural interpretation are integrated with ethics, leadership, and practical ministry application positioning leaders to be impactful in ministry. For those who desire to go to the next level in higher education, the program also offers the requisite foundational courses towards a doctoral degree.

Following a cohort model, courses comprised of face to face class-time, live video conferencing, and other media, include a variety of outstanding learning opportunities.

Because a Jakes Divinity School experience is paramount, the MAT will also offer Jakes’ micro-courses throughout the degree journey.  These specialized courses are taught by JDS faculty and special guests featured at JDS leadership conferences.

Packaged in manageable 8-week courses, students concentrate on one course at a time while continuing to fulfill their role in ministry or professional world.

Core Courses (33 units):

  • Systematic Theology: Christology, Anthropology, Soteriology 
  • New Testament Theology and Exegesis
  • Old Testament Theology and Exegesis
  • Biblical Exegesis and Expository Preaching
  • Systematic Theology: Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology 
  • Systematic Theology: Theological Method, Revelation, and Theology Proper
  • Seminar in Old Testament
  • Christology in the New Testament
  • Church and Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Theology and Theory of Leadership
  • Theology and Ministry in a Post-Modern Context

Elective Courses (12 units):

Old Testament

  • Beginning Hebrew I
  • Beginning Hebrew II 
  • Intermediate Hebrew I 
  • Intermediate Hebrew II
  • Old Testament Ethics 
  • Special Topics
  • Individual Study in Old Testament 

New Testament 

  • Beginning Greek I 
  • Beginning Greek II 
  • Intermediate Greek I 
  • Intermediate Greek II 
  • Parables of Teaching 
  • New Testament Ethics 
  • Special Topics 
  • Individual Study in New Testament

Theology and Ethics

  • Special Topics 
  • Individual Study in Theology and Ethics 


  • History of Spirituality
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Change and Strategic Planning
  • Team Development and Conflict Management
  • Leadership and Character Development
  • Mission and Culture in Theological Perspective
  • Special Topics

Field Education

  • Field Education in Student Ministries
  • Field Education in Church Administration
  • Field Education in Worship Leadership
  • Field Education in Family Life and Small Group Ministries
  • Field Education in Pastoral Leadership Ministries

Exit Options (3-6 units):

Integrative Seminar Option

Directed Reading Option

  • Exit Option and Design Proposal 
  • Directed Reading

Master’s Thesis Option

  • Exit Option and Design Proposal 
  • Master’s Thesis

Unit Requirements:

Core Courses:33 credit hours$560 per credit hour$18,480
Electives Courses12 credit hours$560 per credit hour$6,720
Exit Option:3 credit hours$560 per credit hour$1,680
Total48 credit hours $26,880


  • $560 per credit hour
  • 48 units
  • Technology fee: $200 per semester
  • Graduate Program Fee: $200 per semester