Coding Bootcamp

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This 9-month online certificate program offers an interactive classroom setting with over 1,000 hours of coding experience to launch you in your tech career.

Our Coding Bootcamp certificate will position you to thrive in a tech career. Taught by instructors, who work in the field they teach, you will learn the essential skills to start working in the tech space. Working hand in hand with Bethel Tech, Jakes Divinity School will deliver a unique experience throughout your certificate path.

A truly immersive learning experience, your classes will combine online learning sessions that are accessible according to your schedule as well as group sessions for community, support, and spiritual development. These courses will be taught by coding mentors, Bethel and Jakes Divinity School leaders, and special guest lecturers from companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and IBM.

Completed in 9 months, you move through modules with the support of both spiritual and coding mentors preparing you to fulfill your role in the tech world.

Concentration Description:

Full Stack Web Development. The Full Stack Web Development program prepares graduates to excel as junior software developers proficient in both the front and back end of a website or application. These sought-after professionals make important contributions across all areas of web application architecture. They possess a broad knowledge of computer science principles and modern tools, and have fundamental knowledge of available frameworks. Our program focuses on the following platforms: Java, JavaScript, and .NET.


  • Coding from Scratch
  • Front-End Foundations
  • Programming Foundations
  • Front-End Frameworks
  • Back-End Foundations
  • Database Foundations
  • Mobile Apps and Responsive Design
  • Agile Project Management & Career Skills
  • Deployment & Web Security
  • Project Capstone
  • Kingdom Core Foundations

UI/UX Design. UI/UX designer is one of the most in-demand creative industry jobs right now. As both mobile and web development continue to be integral to the success of a business and the lines between design and technology increasingly blur, the demand for UI/UX designers remains robust.

Responsible for how a product, app or website feels, UI/UX designers need to possess strong creative, technical and problem-solving skills. They must zero in on users’ underlying emotional and functional needs, and help execute on those discoveries to create an enjoyable experience. Ultimately, UI/UX designers create satisfying or compelling experiences for users of a product, often drawing on results from user research and workflow analysis to tell a story. Areas of focus include content, controls, visual design and development, information architecture, user research, branding and customer/technical support.


  • Design Thinking and Structures
  • Research Methods
  • Ideation and Strategy
  • Research Demonstration
  • Coding Structures
  • Front-end Theories and Practices
  • Interaction Design and Prototyping
  • Presentation, Pitches, and Proposals
  • Capstone Design
  • Kingdom Core Foundations