Bachelor of Arts In Religion

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PLEASE NOTE: We are not eligible to accept students from the states of New York, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, South Carolina, Alabama, Virgin Islands, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Maryland in degrees powered by Vanguard University

The degree is offered online with some face-to-face opportunities for learning, networking, and hands-on experience. All of Jakes Divinity School students will have face-to-face residency opportunities twice a year. The first is during the International Leadership Summit each spring of a given degree program. Students will arrive on site of the summit the Sunday evening prior and remain for a week until the end of the summit. The second residency will likely take place in Dallas, TX, at Jakes Divinity School in the fall of each year.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion will position you to thrive in your ministry context.  Taught by some of the foremost Pentecostal theologians, pastors, and leaders, you will have an opportunity to sharpen your ministry calling in preaching, teaching, other forms of ministry, para-ministry, and pastoral care.  Working hand in hand with Vanguard University of Southern California, Jakes Divinity School will deliver a unique experience throughout your degree path.

A truly hybrid learning experience, your classes will combine online learning sessions that are accessible according to your schedule as well as face to face class-time and live video conferencing.  Because a Jakes Divinity School experience is paramount, we will also be offering specialized Jakes’ micro-courses throughout your degree journey.  These courses will be taught by our very own JDS faculty and special lecturers during the week of the International Leadership Conference.

Packaged in manageable 5-week courses, you will be able to concentrate on one course at a time while you continue to fulfill your role in ministry or professional world.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion is available with several concentrations:  Ministry, Hispanic Leadership, Anti-Human Trafficking, Preaching, and Worship.  These concentrations will consist of four courses that focus your learning upon a specific field of ministry.

Concentration Descriptions:

A unique aspect of our BA in Religion is the ability for students to select an emphasis in an area of special interest.  We will be offering four such concentrations:

Ministry.  This concentration is already built into the core courses and will provide you with a wide array of practical tools to carry out the varied aspects of pastoral ministry within the local church.  You will learn to preach, teach, counsel, organize and lead your congregation.

Hispanic Leadership.  This concentration is designed to address the unique challenges of leadership within the Hispanic local church and surrounding community.  You will be positioned to cultivate a flourishing congregation that is multi-generational and multi-ethnic.

Anti-Human Trafficking.  Combating one of our culture’s greatest challenges, this concentration deals with human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, labor trafficking, and aftercare for victims.  Taught by experts in the subject matter, you will have an excellent base of knowledge that will position you for meaningful impact.

Preaching.  We are currently building this special concentration that will incorporate the powerful signature practices of T.D. Jakes pulpit ministry.  Details coming soon.

Worship.  We are currently building this special concentration that will incorporate the wide array of Jakes Ministries worship resources.  Details coming soon.

Major Courses:

  • Theology of Church Mission
  • Critical Thinking/Writing for Ministry
  • Church History
  • Research Methods – Scripture
  • Ministry of Preaching and Teaching
  • Leadership in Christian Organizations
  • Management in Christian Organizations
  • Foundations of Christian Ethics
  • Theological Themes of the Old Testament
  • Research Methods – Christian Organizations
  • Theological Themes of the New Testament
  • Ministry of the Spirit in the Church
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • I Corinthians in an Urban Setting
  • Introduction to Intercultural Studies
  • Current Issues in Missions Studies
  • Conflict and Change

Concentration Courses:

Hispanic Leadership

  • Leading Multi-Generational Hispanic Churches
  • Multi-Ethnic Church Challenges
  • Fresh Horizon of Latino Pentecostals
  • Flourishing Communities and Latino Churches

Anti-Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Labor Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking and Ethics
  • Aftercare for Victims of Human Trafficking

General Education Courses:

  • Writing Foundations (3 units)
  • English Composition (6 units)
  • Literature (3 units)
  • College Math (3 units)
  • Arts and Humanities (6 units)
  • Science or Math (3 units)
  • Social or Behavioral Sciences (12 units)
  • Physical or Biological Science with Lab (4 units)
  • Religion
    • New Testament Survey (3 units)
    • Old Testament Survey (3 units)
    • Introduction to Theology (3 units)

Unit Requirements:

General Education: 49 units $415 per unit $20,335
Electives (including concentration): 24 units $415-525 per unit $11,695
Religion Major: 51 units $525 per unit $26,775


  • $415-525 per unit
  • Technology and Program Fee: $400 per semester