Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (New)
This degree explores multiple perspectives of human nature, including cognitive, behavioral, biological, social-cultural, and spiritual. All students learn the skills necessary to conduct research and to carefully evaluate others’ research. The psychology program prepares students for employment, especially in human service agencies, or for graduate study.
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Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (New)
This degree is designed to support students in their growth as effective influencers and leaders in a diverse and global environment. Students learn to apply practical, evidence-based solutions to issues in organizational change, group and team dynamics and strategic planning and implementation. Students are equipped with a foundation in Christian ethics and are introduced to the management concepts and theories supporting successful leadership of Christian organizations.
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Bachelor of Arts in Theology (New)
The Bachelor of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Ministry and Leadership is designed for individuals who are involved in church or parachurch activities, and who wish to gain knowledge to improve themselves personally and professionally. Upon graduating, students will be prepared for graduate studies and/or to take a leadership role in their community.
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Bachelor of Science

Humanitarian Leadership
This degree prepares students for urban and international mission work. Students interested in disaster relief, urban ministry, and overseas ministry should consider this degree as foundational to such ministry development.
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Church Leadership
This degree, with an emphasis in ministry leadership, prepares students for church staff positions, equips laypeople for effective ministry, and provides substantive foundation for graduate studies.
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Master’s Degrees

Leadership Studies
This degree equips ministry leaders who seek to be culturally competent and guided by an enduring moral compass. By building character and deepening spirituality, students in this program will become more effective leaders.
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Theological Studies
This degree offers rigorous study in biblical, systematic, historical, and practical theology. This degree program invites students to join a learning community that prepares them for advanced study or church ministry.
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Doctor of Ministry
The Doctor of Ministry prepares senior practitioners for next-level leadership in the church and society. This program integrates rigorous doctoral level training with tacit knowledge, exposure to innovative leadership, and spiritual formation from world-class ministry experts.
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Professional & Continuing Education
  • Pastoral Care and Guidance
  • Women in Leadership
  • Africa’s Presence in Christianity
  • Latino / Latina Ministry Leadership
  • Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth