JDS Ambassadors

JDS Ambassadors are matriculated students who are chosen to represent JDS as exemplary leaders who will support recruitment and enrollment for the school, promote student engagement, increase awareness of JDS academic programs and services, foster pride in JDS, and act as liaisons between the students and the JDS faculty and staff.

The Ambassadors also serve as role models and provide peer-to-peer moral support and encouragement to their fellow students. 

Benefits of Online Learning

Convenience and Flexibility

A significant benefit of online learning is that students can access their courses at any time, from anywhere. Jakes Divinity School students come from all walks of life; they are parents, grandparents, full-time employees, and more. Our online curriculum allows them to review lectures, discussions, etc. according to their schedule.

Student Enrichment

Online courses offer a unique opportunity for students to engage in a less intimidating learning environment, which, in turn, can increase student interaction. Students are allowed more time to think about their comments and add to discussions without the pressure of being put on the spot as they would in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting, which can significantly broaden their horizons.

Cost-effective Choices

Online learning can be extremely cost-effective. By eliminating the costs of transportation and other expenses that would normally add up in a traditional learning setting, students are able to save substantially. Students will also find that some online schools or courses require e-textbooks or other digital reading materials, saving them the cost of purchasing expensive textbooks and potentially hundreds of dollars per year.

Self-paced Learning

In a self-paced learning environment, students are able to learn and complete courses in a rhythm that best suits their lifestyles. Through online learning, sessions and materials can be accessed at any time, making this an excellent option for working students, parents, etc.

You Pick Where You Want to Learn

Traditional education often requires students to live where they learn, whereas online learning allows them to LEARN where they LIVE!

Whether it means staying home and close to family or moving to the city of your dreams, online learning makes education transportable, allowing students the freedom to accomplish their educational goals wherever they wish to do so.

JDS Spotlight

Bachelor of Arts Business Management

The BA degree in business is in partnership with Vanguard University. JDS understands the marketplace to be a prime locus for ministry. This degree partnership with VU develops leaders to think critically, communicate effectively, respond ethically, and lead confidently in a global marketplace. It helps students increase their effectiveness as business professionals and provides excellent preparation for the marketplace as well as the pursuit of a graduate degree.

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Online Learning Best Practices

Understand Online Learning Practices/Expectations

It is important to understand that while an online learning experience is more convenient than a traditional learning environment, it is not easier. Jakes Divinity School (JDS) staff members promise to guide and assist their students through a rigorous curriculum and prepare them for effective ministry in the Church and society. When deciding to embark upon your journey to obtain an online degree from JDS, students should be prepared to do the following:

  • Fully commit yourself and participate as required.
  • Be, or be willing to become; tech-savvy.
  • Be open to working with others.
  • Complete your learning tasks and assignments on time.
  •  Be self-disciplined.

Goal setting is essential in all aspects of life, including when completing an online education. JDS encourages its students to set learning objectives and goals for each course to stay on track to the ultimate goal—completing their degree! Whether a weekly goal is blocking off time to focus on a particular subject, improving a grade, or increasing class participation, setting goals to achieve overall objectives helps students keep their eyes on the prize.

When pursuing an online degree, it is important to remember that time management is KEY! With the convenience and flexibility of online learning, JDS urges its students to create a structure and schedule that works for them and stick to it faithfully.
Pro tip: Make a weekly plan the day before a new week starts to stay on track with daily assignments and research.

Whether learning and studying from your office or living room, it is important to create a quiet, organized, distraction-free environment conducive to success. This space will technically be your “classroom” and should enable productive study time.
Pro tip: Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues to respect your “work mode” and consider turning off your phone and logging off of all social networks when studying.

JDS encourages its students to create an effective study plan to help them stay on track. Students should always plan ahead when completing assignments, create a calendar system to help them remember important exam dates and deadlines, create to-do lists of assignments and tasks, and practice time management.

Students should also schedule breaks into their plans to help them work effectively on online course goals. Breaks should be small and can include a mild physical activity to help students clear their minds before they resume studying.

Online learning presents a unique opportunity for students to engage with others worldwide—from the comfort of their living room! It’s important to understand that even though pursuing a degree online can mean working independently, you are not in this alone.

The JDS staff encourages its students to join study groups through online portals, participate and ask questions on discussion boards, and connect with others via social media. Through positive communication and engagement with professors and others, students can acquire friendships that can provide support and accountability.

Pro tip: Always be mindful of your online tone and respectful when you disagree with other members of your online group. Be sure to write in complete and clear sentences to avoid misunderstandings and tone mishaps.

Students pursuing an online education must make sure they have a stable and reliable internet connection. Although technological glitches are prone to happen, a bad internet connection can dramatically interfere with a student’s overall success in their education.

Always remember to regularly save and backup assignments to cloud storages like Google Drive to avoid losing work. Keep your JDS professor’s contact information in your phone in case of emergencies as well.

Pro tip: If you have the option to hardwire into your router, do so, this will give you the best connection. If you’re on Wi-Fi, try to move as close to the router as possible.

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