Dr. Kathy-Ann Hernandez

Dr. Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez, Ph.D.

Discovering Work-Life Balance

Dr. Hernandez is a professor, author, and leadership expert. She earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology from the College of Education at Temple University and was awarded the Marlene Smigel Korn Humanitarian Award for excellent contribution in teaching, scholarship and/or service. Currently, she teaches in the College of Business and Leadership at Eastern University in Pennsylvania and is co-chair of the Ph.D. Program in Organizational Leadership.

A regular presenter at academic and professional conferences, her research and practice are focused on fostering more diverse and equitable organizational spaces, human flourishing, and the leadership development experiences of women and minorities in academic and public settings.

Her published work crosses genres and appears in literary journals, peer-review journals, books and church-related publications. She is the co-author of Collaborative Autoethnography (2013), and Transformative Autoethnography for Practitioners (2022), a research method and praxis that uses the experiences of individuals to understand social phenomena and to facilitate individual and group transformation.

Dr. Hernandez is also the founder of Value What Matters, a life leadership brand targeted at cultivating relationships with self, others and one’s God. She creates content that inspires and teaches strategies for leading a flourishing life in the context of supportive learning communities. Consequently, she views her publication of Waiting by the Brook: Seven Steps to Deeper Intimacy with God (2021) along with the guided journal, as the books she was born to write at the intersection of her faith and scholarship.

An ordained elder, Dr. Hernandez, along with the family, leads House in the Woods Ministries. She is married to Mark Avery, and they have two daughters.

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